Historic Landmark Tinnie Silver Dollar Up for Auction

Historic Landmark Historic Landmark Tinnie Silver Dollar Up for Auction

If you’ve driven the 75-mile stretch between Ruidoso and Roswell, New Mexico, then you’ve probably noticed a unique property, a historic landmark situated on the south side of the highway as you pass through the picturesque Hondo Valley.

Tinnie Silver Dollar, a popular brunch stop, wedding venue, and a local historic landmark, will soon be put up for auction and sold to the highest bidder.

It is an understatement to say that Tinnie Silver Dollar’s history runs deep. The back bar was brought in from Chicago and was reportedly once owned by legendary gangster Al Capone. The stained glass was imported from Germany. Antique furniture from as far away as San Francisco and paintings by the likes of Peter Hurd adorn the rooms. Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd president of the United States, is mentioned in the property title.

Originally named “Analla” after an early settler, the one-time general store and post office were purchased in 1909 by the Raymond family and renamed Tinnie, after their daughter. Fifty years later the property changed hands again. The new owner, Robert Anderson, restored the building and added much of what visitors see today: a steakhouse and saloon, a sprawling veranda, wrap-around porches, and the signature bell tower.

On Friday, January 15 at 10:00am, United County Auctions will conduct an auction on the property. The auction is open to any qualified buyer who wishes to participate, and the price will include the land, the property, the restaurant, and the liquor license. For more details, contact the qualifying broker, Charles Bennett, at (575) 356-5616.

-Leroy Smith