When it comes to stitching together an album that is a seamless piece of art, country crooner Gary Allan is all about it.

His most recent album “Set You Free,” is a patchwork of emotions, which depicts the emotional rollercoaster of a relationship breakup.

Allan will perform 8 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 12 at the Inn of the Mountain Gods.

Event info:
Who: Gary Allan
When: 8 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 12.
Where: Inn of the Mountain Gods, 287 Carrizo Canyon Rd.
Tickets: Start at $30.
Contact: (575) 464-7059 or http://innofthemountaingods.com

“If you read the album, it reads like a breakup,” said Allan. “Each song goes through emotions of a breakup and ends with ‘Good as New.’”

Allan said recording for an album is becoming a lost art because these days many musicians record singles or EP’s.

“It’s kind of the downfall of music,” he said. “We grew up with deep album cuts and not the ear candy for the masses. Now our kids are growing up with that.”

Allan said he’s once again becoming a fan of vinyl and heremembers what it was like to listen to every inch of an album because you wanted to hear each song and because many times you just didn’t want to get up to flip the record.

“You were forced to listen to an album and you would just go flip the album every once in awhile,” Allan said. “You listened to every inch of it. That’s what I think we are lacking right now, and I think it gives depth to the music.”

Allan said he just turned in the final cuts for his next album, which has yet to be scheduled for release. He doesn’t have a name for it yet, but is leaning toward “The Hard Way.”

Allan said the upcoming album, which he produced, will still have his vibe, but will come with a few changes just to evolve.

As for his upcoming performance, Allan said he won’t throw a lot of new music out to his fans. Allan said he recently went to a concert and didn’t like the experience because he didn’t know the music. He said he’ll stick to a lot of his old favorites because that’s what he thinks people will want.

“After that concert, I went home and changed my entire set list,” Allan said and laughed.