People come to Tina’s Cafe in Ruidoso NM to see familiar faces, to visit, and have great food.

Tina’s charm might begin with the 400-year-old tree just outside the front door. Others are drawn to her New Mexico True designation, compliments of the Tourism Department.

What makes Tina’s New Mexico True?

“There are two basic differences between Mexican and New Mexican food”, explains Ken Barry.

“The flour tortilla wasn’t available to Mexican food until the Spaniards brought wheat to the New World. Wheat made its way up the Camino Real as the Spaniards searched for the City of Gold. 

Also, the long, green chile (Anaheim peppers) and the Numex Big Jim chile are not Mexican. If you find chile rellenos in the interior of Mexico made with Anaheim peppers, it’s an import from New Mexico.”

Tina’s Authentic Eats

Tina’s green chile chicken enchiladas are made with layers of flour tortillas, green chile, chicken and cheese, and Tina’s unique sauce. She’s been in New Mexico many years. She raised six children on a farm where she provided all the meals and more.

Her green chile cream sauce is a specialty created only at Tina’s Cafe.

Baking is also a big part of Tina’s Cafe. Their green chili apple pie has been featured in New Mexico Magazine more than once. Red chili pecan, regular pecan, green chili peach, coconut cream pies, and carrot cakes are some specialties.

The Roots

Tina Greene and Ken have been friends for over 20 years. Ken is a well-known bar tender and entertainer. In the summer, he does a Sinatra show in the back patio at the restaurant.

Tina’s Cafe is a wonderful Ruidoso style cabin built in 1949. Its fire place has been featured in NM Tourism stock commercials.

Come for a Visit

tina's cafe

Tina’s Cafe is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. everyday, except Monday. Winters are typically slow, so you can have some really intimate breakfasts by the fire.

In the summer, have lunch in the forest, with flowers and humming birds. Tina’s back patio extends out to the Rio Ruidoso and seats up to 60 people.

Private party Fondu dinners are a new thing at Tina’s. Call them at 575-257-8930 to find out more. They take reservations, but they don’t take credit cards.

Tina’s Cafe is a lot of fun. Visit them at 2825 Sudderth Dr. in Ruidoso NM.

-Blake Martin

As of early November 2018, Tina’s has moved to the corner of Sudderth and Mechem and they now accept all major credit cards!