This travel writer honeymooned in Ruidoso, recently, and has the scoop on where to shop, snack, snuggle and snooze.

Ruidoso is a popular destination for couples who want to escape the day to day drudgery and unwind in the mountains. The cool scent of pine, wafting through the air, is therapeutic…no doubt about it.

As I mentioned, my brand new hubby and I recently honeymooned in Ruidoso. We could have picked a different destination…possibly the beaches of Texas, Florida…or the Caribbean. But, like many who visit Ruidoso, we are snow birds.

For us, Ruidoso is just a few hours away, so it makes for an easy weekend road trip. But we love Ruidoso because of it’s sweetness, simplicity…and skiing. So, it just made sense that our favorite little village in the Sierra Blancas would be our honeymoon destination.

Romance means different things to different people, obviously. Luckily for us, hubby and I are on the same page in the romance area. Our idea of a date typically involves tacos and touching hands across the table. We are both easy to please and I am proudly referred to as a “cheap date.”

Downtown Ruidoso is a must-see with your better half. As you walk hand in hand down Sudderth, you can see the Sierra Blancas off to the west. That sight, in winter, is definitely romantic.

honeymoon in ruidoso


The following are a few, popular, must see (and do) establishments in Ruidoso:
  • Thunderbird Curio (eclectic shop with fun stuff…and a drive up window that you can’t drive up to).
  • Cornerstone Bakery which is  a bit east of downtown…the best place to share a sugary snack with your sweetie.
  • Don’t forget to stop by the old classic, Brunell’s for a warm New Mexico Centennial blanket. You’ll need it, for snuggling.
  • For breakfast or brunch, plan on heading over to Pena’s Place. Weekends are special at Pena’s. The chef cooks up the best Eggs Benedict I’ve ever had! Get there early before they run out! The restaurant is a small, but cozy and friendly place with seating outdoors during warmer months. During our honeymoon brunch, we were invited to sit with some nice folks and had a very enjoyable time. The tables are handcrafted wood with inlaid turquoise. Very cool! Pena’s is a really neat place to have brunch with your sweetie.


We’ve talked about where to shop and snack…now for the really important stuff…snuggling and snoozing.

There are plenty of lodging choices in Ruidoso, from inexpensive hotels to elaborate vacation homes. We’ve experienced the no-frills motels as well as the fabulous finds in this little town. And regardless of whether it was just a weekend road trip or a spring break vacation, I spent many hours at the computer, researching the many options…making sure that I got the biggest bang for my buck.

Then I discovered property management gurus, 2 Ruidoso Redheads Extraordinary Mountain Retreats. They take the “think” out of “over-thinking.” They put the “extra” back in “extraordinary.” They hung the moon in my honeymoon!


Our Love Nest

The cozy one bedroom cabin was decorated with comfortable furniture and fully equipped with dishes, linens, toiletries and even bathrobes! We had all the necessities and comforts of home and then some. We could have cooked breakfast if we’d honeymoon in ruidosowanted to, but the management left us a gift card for Cornerstone Bakery! It felt like we were in a first class B& B, without the presence of a host. This cabin is equipped with Alexa, too. She turns off lights, turns on the radio…and so much more. We had some fun with Alexa! We still catch ourselves saying “Alexa! What’s the forecast?” and we don’t have Alexa in our house!

honeymoon in ruidosoThe cabin has a hot tub on the deck, along with a grill and comfortable chairs. Sit out there and  enjoy your morning coffee and watch the whitetail deer graze. At night, be sure and go outside with your sweetie and look up at the sky. The stars are plentiful and if y’all get lucky, you may see one shoot across the tops of the tall pines. Snuggle up close with your honey, under your new blanket. Take a deep breath. That’s couples therapy.

Expect a visit from the neighborhood greeter, Zoe. Zoe is a big tongued blue heeler, I think. She greeted us the first day and even came back to tell us bye, as we were leaving. Zoe is mentioned numerous times in the guest book on the coffee table. She added a special touch to our already special weekend. We look forward to seeing her again, soon.

The Casita Amor was our little love nest and I highly recommend it for a couples weekend getaway. 

honeymoon in ruidoso

Our honeymoon in Ruidoso was unforgettable. We look forward to coming back on our first anniversary, if not sooner, to Visit Ruidoso.

-(The newly Mrs.) Jamye Gilbreath
Texas Writer