fairy garden ruidoso

Land of Heart’s Desire

It’s beatiful how simple things bring people together, and slow . . . down . . . time.

Already known for its spectacular gardens, the Hondo Iris Farm has added a new attraction for young and old alike.

Bridges lead over water, a grove with tree stump pathways, and fairies in dozens of nooks and crannies bring life to a magical, playful dance along the Hondo River.

fairy garden ruidoso
Houses appear in all small shapes and all small sizes.

At first, you might think butterflies . . .

Upon closer inspection, visitors begin to see the world through a child’s eyes, or to simply imagine the smallest of smalls.

Fairy garden locations include a fairy boat to cross the ditch, a fairy amusement park, an obstacle course for fairies and much more.

“All fairy gardens have a fairy ring,” reminds David Hall.

fairy garden ruidoso
Fairy houses make great photo ops.

David and Alice Hall are the proprietors of this fascinating kingdom. Gardener Chris Camacho can tell you every species and color of iris. Alice, Anne Haile Carson, Karl Wenner,  Ed Larson, and Alice Seely have combined their talents in the new installation.

Sure, you can casually walk by and pretend to not notice (fairies are likely used to not being noticed). Or, you can take your time, suspend your disbelief, and participate in a world unknown by most “bigguns” (I made up that term; fairies rarely share what they call us!).

fairy garden ruidoso
A children’s fairy wishing tree.

Your children companions will be delighted . . . and if you’re not too careful, so will you. One thing for sure, you will begin to notice how fragile small things might be.

fairy garden ruidoso
Hondo Iris Farm is a place of exploration and relaxation.

The amazing variety of iris are a wonderful companion display. Rows and rows of colors and shapes to be experienced and admired. Stop in the gift shop for gardening supplies and tips, clothes, jewelry and home decor. Spend some time on the hummingbird porch!

fairy garden ruidoso
Iris grow in many shapes and colors.

And that ever so tiny lift you feel afterward (perhaps miles and miles away) can only be heightened by a small voice from ever so far away . . . “Thanks for stopping by! See you next time, if you slow down enough to notice!” Fairies can be a little blunt.

fairy garden ruidoso
A tire swing hangs from the 50-foot canopy.

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-Blake Martin

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