T.G. Sheppard at Spencer Theater

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Country music singer-songwriter T.G. Sheppard has always had an unstoppable passion for music. Dominating Billboard charts from the mid-1970s through the late 1980s, his smooth fusion of classic country, R&B rhythms, and pop production defined the urban cowboy sound. Sheppard chocked-up an amazing 21 #1 hit songs, including a string of 8 consecutive #1s in just two years’ time. His chart-toppers like “I Loved ‘Em Every One,” still pack concert halls, as does “Do You Wanna Go To Heaven,” “Slow Burn,” “Party Time,” “Only One You,” “War Is Hell (On the Homefront Too)” and his very first, “Devil in the Bottle.”

Now 40 years in, this lifelong Tennessean holds a steadfast dedication to the entertainment industry, maintaining his status as one of the most popular live concert performers in country music. His distinctive sound is a solid gift he continuously shares at roadhouses and arenas year after year. As a side gig, he’s also just taken on the challenge of being the new on-air personality for SiriusXM’s Elvis Radio.

T.G. appears at Spencer sharing all his greatest hits with his band: Kenny McLellan on keyboards, Jim Schacher on guitar, Ric Wright on drums and Donnie Delozier on bass.

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Source: https://www.spencertheater.com/Win1920/7TGSheppard/index.html