PRESS RELEASE: Ruidoso Downs, Purchase

Ruidoso Downs Sale
At the signing completing the sale at Ruidoso Downs were (standing, left to right) Jeff Tebow (representing buyer and board member John Andreini), buyer and board member Johnny Trotter, buyer and board member Narciso “Chicho” Flores, former general manger Shaun Hubbard and Hubbard Enterprises president Ed Burger. Seated (left to right) are buyer and chairman of the board Stan Sigman and former Ruidoso Downs owner R.D. Hubbard.

RUIDOSO DOWNS (October 13, 2017) — The sale of Ruidoso Downs, the Billy the Kid Casino and the Ruidoso Horse Sale Company closed on October 12 to a group of four accomplished horsemen and businessmen.

The buyers are Stan Sigman, John Andreini, Narciso “Chicho” Flores and Johnny Trotter. The new ownership is named All American Ruidoso Downs, LLC (AARD) and All American Ruidoso Horse Sales, LLC (AARHS). The four men comprise the board of directors for both entities with Sigman selected as the chairman.

The new ownership group are each racehorse owners and breeders with extensive business experience inside and outside the horse industry.

At the meet and greet on Thursday night, chairman of the board Stan Sigman shook hands with former owner R.D. Hubbard. Also present, from left, general manager Jeff True, co-owner Johnny Trotter and board member Narciso “Chicho” Flores (on right).

“I’m just a spokesperson for the board of directors. We all have an equal share in the ownership,” said Sigman.

Ensuring the integrity of Ruidoso Downs’ racing is AARD’s top priority and creating a level playing field for all horses, trainers and owners will remain a continuous mission. This includes — but is not limited to — state-of-the-art testing for illegal substances, both in and out of competition, and enhanced security measures designed to deter and defend against cheating. This will be achieved with the continued cooperation and leadership of the New Mexico Racing Commission.

The result will be a universally trusted racing enterprise for horsemen, a confident betting product for horseplayers and a safer competitive landscape for jockeys and horses.

“Our goal is to make Ruidoso Downs a model for the horse racing industry,” said newly hired general manager Jeff True. “It is imperative that Ruidoso Downs raise our standards of racing above reproach. If someone wants to break the rules, Ruidoso is not for them. We will use every resource in our control to execute this continuous effort.”

Popping the Champagne cork in celebration of the sale are, from left, general manager Jeff True, chairman of the board Stan Sigman, board member Narciso “Chicho” Flores, board member Johnny Trotter and former Ruidoso Downs’ owner R.D. Hubbard.

Further improvements planned for Ruidoso Downs will create a more enticing experience for Ruidoso Downs’ guests. The Billy The Kid Casino will be renovated with new gaming machines and décor. Other improvements include basic infrastructure improvements in the barn area, grandstand and track property. Additional special events are also being planned for the summer season.

R.D. Hubbard, 82, was the sole owner at the time of the sale and purchased the track in a partnership in 1988. He will continue to own and race horses at Ruidoso Downs.

“I want to thank R.D. Hubbard for everything he has done for racing,” said Sigman. “He has been a true innovator and entrepreneur.

“We know that Ruidoso Downs is an integral part of the Ruidoso community. We will move forward not only for our benefit and racing’s advancement, but also to help our neighbors succeed.

“We look forward to being part of the Ruidoso community and making sure that our guests are family. I know employees call our guests ‘our summer family.’ That’s what we want to build upon.”

Photos by Gay Harris